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We are client advocates dedicated to helping teams ensure they deliver solutions that improve the experience of their workforce. To that end, we are flexible and work in a number of ways:

  • Work with clients directly
  • Thru recruiters trying to find the "right people" for our shared clients
  • We even subcontract with larger partners whose projects are in trouble, they are short-staffed or maybe they lost a team member during the project

It is different every time but we are here to help the client - whatever that looks like - to be successful.

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A Few Companies We've Worked With

The list above is not all of them - just a few notable ones - we are happy to provide references.

We have extensive SuccessFactors product knowledge. This coupled with out functional background and the number of years we have each delivered our favorite modules is a powerful combo. We have worked in most industries in commercial space as well as public sector and FedRamp environments. 

We design, advise on and configure SuccessFactors solutions.  These fall into the following groups: