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Every client journey is unique. We use strategy, design and proven solutions to make it possible to not just attain your goals, but enable you to get it done efficiently while you still do your day job. 

Simply Staffed LLC is a certified Woman-Owned Small Business and SAP Partner dedicated to helping companies grow by filling jobs faster and taking care of their people.  We are experts in HR strategy, system design and delivering results. We have built 100+ solutions - functional and technical - over the last decade and would love to do the same for you!

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  • Reduce Time to Fill/Hire
  • Post Quickly & Source Faster
  • Nurture Passive Candidates
  • New Hires have a smooth start
  • New Hires know what to do next
  • Mobile Ready Solutions
  • Reskill Workforce
  • Internal Mobility
  • Employee Engagement
  • Self-Directed Career Paths
  • Remove Friction from  your processes!!

You will need more than just the technology.  We will help with that part, of course, but we will also guide you get to your why and will talk about your brand and the voice of your solutions baked right into your workshops. We will challenge you to build out the solution to feel like the culture your workforce needs to be successful. Technology can't solve that part for you without the work of intentional branding and built-in training so your teams can find what they need where they will use less manuals for you!

Accelerators: start with standard and add popular options  to reduce time to value

Gap Analysis: In the demo of the standard (and accelerators if selected) and identify any process requirements that aren't solved yet (80/20 rule is best practice)

Product BackLog: we strive for standard, but the backlog are the parts of your process that need a solution.  This is where we make the list.

UAT: options for test script templates and use of testing tracker in our project portal

Reporting: we build on standard fields first so you will be able to use standard reporting

Configuration: options to have 2 or 3 iterations as well as the option to leverage robotics to automate most configurations

Every workshop is a training opportunity. We believe that admin training and knowledge transfer is baked into each workshop.  You can't become the expert you need to be by just doing it all at the  end. Your admins will be hands-on early in the project (on agreed tasks) so that you they will be confident by the time you go live!

Project Portal:  We use a project portal that will enable transparency of the progress on the budget, increases the efficiency for all team members with their to do lists and due dates in one place.  The portal will send a status report automatically which saves a lot of time and keeps us all on track.

You are going to need the following: